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Hur refererar jag till webbplatsen med MLA-citat?

A: If you need to reference a page on TechLib.com for a research paper or other creative work, you may be required to cite the source using MLA citation guidelines. If your bibliography or list of references requires MLA citations, you can reference definitions on TechLib.com using the following information.

  1. Författare: Per Christensson
  2. Artikelrubrik: [Term] Definition
  3. Webbplatsens titel: TechLib.com
  4. Utgivare: Vässiga produktioner
  5. Datum Publicerad: Day Month Year (located in the lower-right corner of definition pages).
  6. Hämtad: [Datum då du öppnade definitionen]
  7. URL: http://www.TechLib.com/definition/[term]

Nedan följer ett exempel på hur du skulle citera Matris definition in MLA, if accessed on August 21st, 2013.

Christensson, Per. "Matrix Definition." TechLib.com. Sharpened Productions,
31 Jul. 2013. Web. 21 Aug. 2013. <http://www.TechLib.com/definition/matrix>.

Note that the page title should have quotes around it and the website name should be written in italics. The phrase "Web." should be placed between the date published and date retrieved. Also, according to MLA formatting guidelines, the first line should be left justified and additional lines should have a tab indent.

På definitionssidor där inget datum finns listat bör du använda "2006" som år, eftersom definitioner utan datum anges senast 2006.

If you publish the MLA reference online or via an electronic medium, you should include a länk till definitionen URL so that users can click the link to open the referenced page in a web browser.

OBS: If your work requires APA citations, you can view the APA citation guidelines.